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Chengdu - the Chess City
Chengdu, a renowned historical and cultural city, whose government has attached great importance to chess popularisation, is also known for its numerous chess fans, abundant varieties of activities, booming publishing industries of mind sports as well as top chess players and first-class playing skill in the nation.

In 1980s, Chengdu has ushered in an unprecedented prosperity of the board game, and was highly praised as “the Chess City” by vast sports enthusiasts and media. In 2014, Chengdu Sports Bureau has launched “The Revitalization Plan for ‘the Chess City’ (2014-2018)”, through which the Chess City is expected to meet its second period of prosperity.

2014 was a historical year for Chengdu’s board world, because its three teams of GO, Xiangqi and chess have qualified to participate in the top tournament in China which is called China National League Series A at the same time and won the first runner-up in Xiangqi league Series A, making it a milestone in the development of The Chess City.

Chengdu chess 1

It is worth mentioning that Zheng Weitong, Xiangqi player, after all hard battles, has got his first gold medal in National Individual Championship which is of highest value during his professional career and made him the first Grandmaster in western China.

Every year, nearly a hundred events take place in Chengdu, including some top-class national and international events, such as 2014 Mixed Doubles Chess Stars Tournament, Ten Innings of Go Competition between Gu Li and Li Shishi, and Match between the Go Champions in southwest region.

On top of that, Chengdu has established its own amateur league of board game.

Many talents sprung up in three major board games in Chengdu. Besides GO and Xiangqi, the chess which used to have exceptional talents like Liu Shilan and Zhao Lan is also meeting a new change. Promising youngsters like Li Di are growing up. Chengdu has now established a wholesome development and training system. In 2014, Board and Card Administrative Center of General Administration of Sport of China granted the title of “The National Base of Board Culture and Education” to Chengdu Chess College which was founded jointly by Chengdu Chess Institute and Chengdu Polytechnic. It is the first cultural and educational base of chess in China and the first sports education base settled in college.

Chengdu chess 2

According to “the Revitalization Plan for ‘the Chess City’”, Chengdu will grow into a top highland, a renowned center and a leading cultural and educational base of the nation’s board and card games within 5 years.

By 2018, the teams of three major board games will gain firm footholds in China National League Series A, based on that Chengdu will further make sure that Xiangqi enter the national top three, Go enter the national top six, Bridge are qualified for National League Series A, Draughts maintain the national team top three, and Renju maintain the national advanced level.

Through all these efforts, Chengdu is aimed to gain the first place of overall scores of board and card in the Midwest region and become a top-class chess city of China.

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