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Chengdu Grand Prix R6: Success for former world champions

Former world champions Antoaneta Stefanova and Mariya Muzychuk were victorious in round six of the FIDE Women's Grand Prix in Chengdu, China.

Stefanova defeated Lela Javakishvili and is now sharing the second place with Harika and Ju Wenjun.

In the longest game of the day Mariya Muzychuk broke the resistance of Pia Cramling and is back to 50% score.

The tournament leader Humpy Koneru split the point with close follower Ju Wenjun. The remaining games were also drawn.

Photo gallery and round 6 standings are updated. Games are available for replay.

R6 first move

R6 Stefanova

Stefanova Antoaneta - Javakhishvili Lela 1-0

Once again Stefanova employed a rare opening line without much known theory. It could have backfired though as black obtained better development.

However, one tempo loss allowed white to find the way to consolidation. Another hesitation of black with pawn advance on the kingside and white was able to even reverse the trend.

With the kingside locked Stefanova had a free hand to use her queenside majority. Javakhishvili sought active defence but after 28...Nxd4 white seized the initiative.

R6 1

Black king was under open fire and the knight was pinned, but still it was very difficult to find the way through. White played a masterful ending and eventually won on move 70.

Muzychuk Mariya - Cramling Pia 1-0

In the Italian opening black was somewhat reserved and white took this opportunity to advance the pawn phalanx.

R6 3

The queenside was soon cleared of the pawns but white put huge pressure on her opponent and won two pawns in the process.

The two extra pawns were doubled, however, and there were opposite-colored bishops on the board, so there was still much work ahead to convert.

R6 4

It took nearly 50 moves but white was making steady progress and eventually won in the sixth hour of play.

Koneru Humpy - Ju Wenjun ½-½

In the Queen's Gambit Accepted white obtained a slight lead in development but the queens and several minor pieces were exchanged.

R6 2

Perhaps white should have tried 20.Re1 to press black's only weakness - pawn on e6. After the game move, a pair of rooks went off and there were no possibilities to play for an advantage. The game was drawn by repetition.

Muzychuk Anna - Harika Dronavalli ½-½

In the extremely sharp French Winawer poisoned pawn variation white pushed her pawn all the way to h7. On the other hand, black was relying her plans on the weak g2-pawn and opponent's under-developed pieces.

Right after the opening, black committed an error with 20...b6, which left unpunished. With 21.Qa6+, placing the queen on protected square, white would have won a key tempo to disrupt black's coordination.

R6 5

After the game move, the queens were traded and black had time to pick up the h7-pawn. With strong pressure on the last two ranks black secured draw by moves repetition.

Khotenashvili Bela - Tan Zhongyi ½-½

Zhao Xue - Girya Olga ½-½

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