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Chengdu - the Chess City
Chengdu, a renowned historical and cultural city, whose government has attached great importance to chess popularisation, is also known for its numerous chess fans, abundant varieties of activities, booming publishing industries of mind sports as well as top chess players and first-class playing skill in the nation.

In 1980s, Chengdu has ushered in an unprecedented prosperity of the board game, and was highly praised as “the Chess City” by vast sports enthusiasts and media. In 2014, Chengdu Sports Bureau has launched “The Revitalization Plan for ‘the Chess City’ (2014-2018)”, through which the Chess City is expected to meet its second period of prosperity.

2014 was a historical year for Chengdu’s board world, because its three teams of GO, Xiangqi and chess have qualified to participate in the top tournament in China which is called China National League Series A at the same time and won the first runner-up in Xiangqi league Series A, making it a milestone in the development of The Chess City.

Chengdu chess 1

Introduction of Hosting City - Chengdu
Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, is located in central Sichuan province. It is the southwest technology center, business center, financial center and hub of transportation and communication. And Chengdu is also Sichuan province’s political, economic, cultural and educational hub.

Chengdu belonged to Shu Kingdom in ancient time. In Qin Dynasty, Ba region and Shu region were merged into Shu County. And later in Han Dynasty, jin officer which means brocade officer was specially set for supervision due to its advanced brocade industry, hence it is also called "Jin Officer City".

In the Five Dynasties period, hibiscuses were planted ubiquitously, therefore “the City of Hibiscus” came up, abbreviation of "Rong". Chengdu covers a total land area of 12,400 square kilometers, including 283.86 square km downtown area. Its permanent resident population is 14.17 million.

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