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Chengdu Grand Prix R11: Indians share first place, Harika takes trophy
IMG 2056

In the final round of the FIDE Women's Grand Prix in Chengdu, China, Koneru Humpy defeated Antoaneta Stefanova to catch up with her compatriot Harika Dronavalli on the shared first place with 7/11 points each.

Harika, however, was awarded with the winner's trophy due to better tie-break - a win in the head-to-head match.

Ju Wenjun was awarded the trophy for third place, after edging Stefanova and Anna Muzychuk on tie-break.

Of the other decisive results Zhao Xue won against Pia Cramling, while Anna Muzychuk scored against Bela Khotenashvili.

Interview with Harika Dronavalli

Photo gallery and final standings are updated. Games are available for replay.

Chengdu Grand Prix R10: Koneru and Khotenashvili win, Harika leads
IMG 1643

In the penultimate round of the FIDE Women's Grand Prix in Chengdu, China, Harika Dronavalli held a draw against Zhao Xue and maintained the narrow lead heading into the final round.

Her compatriot Koneru Humpy defeated the former world champion Mariya Muzychuk and is back to the shared second place with Antoaneta Stefanova.

Bela Khotenashvili won against Pia Cramling and the remaining games were drawn.

Photo gallery and round 10 standings are updated. Games are available for replay. The final round start at 12h local time.

Chengdu Grand Prix R9: Harika maintains lead after fighting round
IMG 1495

After the second and last rest day the players are investing great effort to secure a good tournament finish in the remaining three rounds.

Five of six games in round nine of the FIDE Women's Grand Prix in Chengdu, China, proceeded well after the time control and only the tournament leader Harika Dronavalli made an earlier draw with Bela Khotenashvili. Harika was still unhappy as she felt she had missed better moves.

As Zhao Xue won the Chinese derby against Ju Wenjun, and Anna Muzychuk scored her first victory in Chengdu against Humpy Koneru, the former world champion Antoaneta Stefanova remained alone on the second place behind Harika.

Lela Javakhishvili also opened the score by winning against Olga Girya. And to complete the successful day for Muzychuk family, Mariya defeated Tan Zhongyi.

Photo gallery and round 9 standings are updated. Games are available for replay.

Visit to Panda Research Base
IMG 1440

For the second rest day a visit to Panda Research Base on the outskirts of Chengdu was arranged.

The large facility with conditions that are similar to giant panda natural habitat is taking care of young animals and panda babies.

The photos are added to the gallery

FIDE Grand Prix R8: Peaceful day in Chengdu
R8 start

It was a peaceful day in Chengdu as all six games in round eight of the FIDE Women's Grand Prix were drawn.

Lela Javakhishvili was under some pressure from Zhao Xue, but the Georgian player defended well and achieved a tie.

Humpy Koneru and Pia Cramling played an interesting game full of hidden tactical nuances.

Photo gallery and round 8 standings are updated. Games are available for replay.

Monday is a rest day and the participants are planning to visit the Panda Research Base and in the afternoon the oldest street in Chengdu.

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